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Plastic Injection Protom is used to working on both low and high volume production runs, depending on your project requirements. We can provide highly price-competitve solutions for low to medium-volume production requirements for your business. Production volumes of 500 to 100,000 parts can be produced at a reasonable cost per piece. All commercially available plastic materials are available., and we provide various kinds of surface finishing services, including plating, painting, silk screening, pad printing and hot stamp printing. Design for Manufacture (DFM) Design for Manufacture is a helpful tool that we can provide to our customers to help minimize tooling costs and to help expedite the manufacturing process. We will provide you with a detailed report that contains important information about your part design and highlights any potential problem areas. In addressing design issues early on, the DFM helps to eliminate costly re-tooling or delays in the manufacturing process caused by a problematic part design.